Hotelperformance "Who are We?" - In conversation with Emanuele Nardin

Feb 03, 06:24 PM
We are delighted to talk with another of our Expert Partners.

In this "Who Are We" video we are joined by:

Emanuele Nardin - Managing Director of Hotelperformance

We talk about Hotelperformance and how it’s consultancy services have developed to reflect the ever evolving commercial focus in the Hotel industry alongside the technology which empowers it.

We also hear about Hotelperformance’s typical client profile in Italy and how clients can engage with them across some or all of their service offering in a very bespoke way.

🎞 If you would like to watch the discussion, here is the link:

🗣 Feel free to comment with any questions or thoughts. We’re always interested to hear from you and happy to follow up with our guest on any questions.

Here are the "Who Are We" video chapters:

  • Guest welcome (1:07)
  • Service offering (3:05)
  • Value to clients (6:58)
  • Typical client profile (8:36)
  • Working with our clients (10:12)
  • Additional services (13:41)
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