Brent Raynes, 2.7.21 - John Keel, Fortean, Paranormal, Peruvian Whistles

Feb 06, 05:30 PM

John Keel may be best remembered for his Mothman stories but what keeps Keel as a "go to" standard for insight into Fortean and Paranormal research is his willingness to keep an open mind and consider unconventional applications. He avoided the UFO "nuts and bolts" crowd. Eventually, the crowd turned a page.

"Belief is the enemy." - John Keel

Brent Raynes
, Publisher and Editor of Alternate Perceptions magaziine was 14 when he started researching paranormal phenomena. Of the three people he cites as role models or influencers, John Keel became more of a mentor.

Brent interviewed his first contactee in August 1971, in Toronto, Canada. He's compiled a huge archive of Fortean, Paranormal, UFO and Unexplained cases since then.

This book covers in depth what his two previous books don't: John Keel and the perceptions of others who knew him, in addition to relevant cases Brent personally researched. John Keel: The Man, The Myths, and The Ongoing Mysteries.

FYI on previous books: On the Edge of Reality. Link. Visitors from Hidden Realms. Link.

We have a lot of ground to cover - so much that the John Keel EVPs were added at the tail end... with room left over to return to an additional segment - that will post here.

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