Brent Raynes, 2.7.21 - Part 2, EVPs and John Keel, Fortean, Paranormal

Feb 08, 10:09 PM

EVPs got Brent's attention when John Keel's name started popping in.

"Belief is the enemy." - John Keel

We teased the John Keel EVPs and added them in this segment.

As I understood it, Brent wasn't sold on EVPs until John Keel's name started popping in. Is he a believer now? I think it's safe to say he's keeping an open mind and curious enough to explore the possibilities.

I'll let Brent elaborate on this. "It wasn't that I wasn't an EVP believer. I was skeptical of what a lot of people thought were EVPs many times. I did believe it was quite possible. I had done some attempts years earlier and debunked a whole lot of audio recordings myself and a group of people I was working with as other things. Especially voices of other people in the next door. People often don't realize how much a recorder can pick up. You've got to have a controlled environment and a critical and careful evidence review."

In other words, there is more involved in collecting an EVP than hitting "record". 

Brent Raynes
is Publisher and Editor of Alternate Perceptions magazine. He was 14 when he started researching paranormal phenomena. Of the three people he cites as role models or influencers, John Keel became more of a mentor.

Brent interviewed his first contactee in August 1971, in Toronto, Canada. The article in the image is about that interview. He's compiled a huge archive of Fortean, Paranormal, UFO and Unexplained cases since then.

The most recent book - John Keel: The Man, The Myths, and The Ongoing Mysteries covers in depth what his two previous books don't: John Keel and the perceptions of others who knew him, in addition to relevant cases Brent personally researched.

Testimonial for Brent's book: "John Keel was a rich and complex character and Brent captures him perfectly. What a gift for all John Keel fans and for those who will be introduced to him by this book." - Sandra Martin, Keel's former literary agent.

FYI on previous books: On the Edge of Reality. Link. Visitors from Hidden Realms. Link.

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