The Big Boo Cast, Episode 222

Feb 11, 02:00 AM
On this week's episode Melanie teaches us a new word related to real estate, and I talk about three exciting discoveries from my most recent writing weekend at a local Hampton Inn. We also discuss our thoughts about how dogs perceive time.

And while we didn't plan it, Melanie offers her thoughts on blazers (I'm still thinking about what she said), and she also shares her Five Favorites - which I interrupt to discuss a pair of shoes I've been admiring from afar.

As always, please do enjoy.

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Show Notes:

- S-Town (this is not for the children; the language is definitely rated R)

- In and Of Itself (also not for the children - but one of the most compelling things I have watched in a long time)

- Tinley Dolce Vita sneakers (interrupting Mel's Five Favorites to say that I am enamored)


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- Native (use promo code BIGBOO for 20% off your first order)

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