Strange New Worlds - Part 34 - Get Off My Zoom Call

Season 2, Episode 35,  Feb 12, 2021, 02:00 PM

A familiar face from the history of The Silrayne Arc and The Silver Screen comes forward through the medium of video call, with new information for the crew of The Golden Rose, as they plot their next steps to save The Galactic Core.

Our nominal heroes meet with Dora’s mysterious underground contact - ‘Filiais Flim Flam’ who reveals his true identity, and provides important reiteration of plot points for the benefit of the audience, the characters, and the alcohol riddled brains of our players. 

Was Dora’s time as a cam girl well spent? Does Sprexit mean Sprexit? And just how far is Dumas willing to do to meet his goals? Guess you’ll have to listen to this episode of Espersito to find out, or something. If you want to. You don’t have to. But please do.

(For anyone interested in the amazing picture discussed at the beginning of the episode:

Welcome to our Esper Genesis podcast, telling the brand spanking new story of an unlikely group of galactic nobodies caught up in something far bigger than they expected. Listen as their tale unfolds and they find new and exciting ways of making the games master despair. This truly is D&D in spaaaaaaaaaaace.
Think science fiction. Expect to find; Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, Firefly, Rick and Morty and Red Dwarf. Esper Genesis is a science fiction TTRPG compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e.
Credits: Jon Coleman (GM), Aaron Madray (Colm ‘Hudd’ Hudnarajan), Mike Cole (Aldora the Explorer), Tom Owen (Rebook Ungart), Tom Kirk (Dumas Corriban)