Minisode 23: Bye Don

Feb 15, 11:00 AM
In this minisode we air our feelings on both the horrors and gifts of the Trump presidency; from the rise of the cult of Q to the “Caucasion Awakening” and much more. We also share our hopes for the Biden Administration.

**CORRECTION: Brazil does NOT have higher covid numbers than the US, it has less than a half of the US infection and death rate.** 

**CORRECTION II: Tux mistakenly said that Kelly Loeffler gave a group of dangerous Qanon conspiracy theorists a tour of the capitol building the day before Trump’s failed coup attempt. It was actually Congresswoman Lauren Boebert who gave that tour of the capitol. We apologize.** 

ALSO MENTIONED: raggedy ass coups, Turd Cruz, Cori Bush, Diet Coke buttons, Fred Hampton, Peculiar Picture Show, r/QAnonCasualties, aging in dog years, the history of filibuster, and Ranked Choice Voting.

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