Scaling Startups in the US and EU with Kajal Sanghrajka from Growth Hub Global

Season 1, Episode 3,  Feb 15, 2021, 09:32 AM

In this episode of Tech Can't Save Us, CEO and Co-Founder of Literal Humans Paul David talks to Kajal Sanghrajka, the Founder and Director of Growth Hub Global which helps businesses, entrepreneurs and universities in Europe to grow globally.

Kajal started her career in the corporate world working on Wall Street and in London before going back to business school in New York and using this as a launchpad to start her own entrepreneurial career. She then started Colombia University's first incubator, and has worked with new entrepreneurs ever since.

Kajal talks about the differences between the US and Europe when it comes to founding businesses, not in terms of process but in terms of founder mindset. She talks about how tech can help start-up businesses (who often have tighter budgets) and gives her top tips for new entrepreneurs - done is better than perfect!

Here's where you can find Kajal:
Twitter: @kajalnyclon
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