Why don't charities care about cyber security?

Feb 16, 07:00 AM
This podcast is sponsored by the National Cyber Security Centre, who provide specialised cyber security guidance for charities.
Charities have historically provided an attractive target for cyber criminals. There is a perception that charities will not take the rigorous actions to protect themselves that a corporate organisation would.
The attitudes of charity leaders have played into this perception. Our data suggests that interest among charities in cyber security has actually dropped during the pandemic. But the risk to charities in this time has only increased.
Many charity leaders have not considered themselves at risk, or have prioritised putting resources into other areas at the expense of cyber security.
This podcast explores the reasons behind this. Why aren’t charity leaders prioritising cyber security? We will look into a few possible explanations and discuss them, before moving onto why charities should be more concerned.
In this podcast, Business Development Manager and host Lisa Chomette is joined by Cub Llewelyn-Davies (Charity Sector Lead from the National Cyber Security Centre), Michala Liavaag (charity sector expert and former Head of Information, Governance and Security at Marie Curie), and Claire Parris (Strategic Communications Manager from the Communications & Policy Directorate at the Charity Commission).