Rosie Green on how she learnt to thrive - not just survive - as a suddenly single mum

Feb 16, 06:00 AM
When Rosie Green's husband left her and her two children, a friend joked that she'd, 'shagged more people on holiday than Rosie ever had in her life.' So how do you come to terms with life as a single mum - including dating - when you've been with the same guy since you were 18? Listen as Annie and Wendy chat to Rosie Green about breaking up - and how to piece yourself together again so that you emerge happy, strong and a role model for mums everywhere. Rosie's new book,How to Heal a Broken Heart: From Rock Bottom to Reinvention (via Ugly Crying on the Bathroom Floor) is out now (from £7.99, Orion Spring). Follow Rosie at and @lifesrosie