Potatoes ballot: Start the vote!

Episode 252,  Feb 17, 2021, 07:00 AM

Potato sector levy payers have a ballot and between the 17 February and 17 March 2021 AHDB want you to cast a vote. 

To help make a judgement about whether you vote Yes or No, as well as this podcast AHDB is running meetings, sending information to levy payers and answering questions to guide levy payers towards the necessary information about how and why to vote.

In this podcast hear Alison Levett, potato sector board chair and Nicholas Saphir, AHDB chairman talk to John Bates about why it’s important to vote yes – a yes vote is for change.

Host: John Bates
  • Alison Levett - AHDB Potatoes Chair 
  • Nicholas Saphir - AHDB Chair

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