Hold on, I think I might be allergic to weddings. With Sara Pascoe.

Episode 3,   Feb 19, 2021, 12:01 AM

This week I had the huge pleasure of speaking to the comedian, writer, author and broadcaster Sara Pascoe. We talked weddings: why we hate them, why people keep having them, how to cope when you're at them and why Sara got married without even having one. I
have been a fan and admirer of Sara for years. God she’s good. Her books Animal and Sex, Power, Money genuinely changed the way I think about the world, while her recent sitcom Out of Her Mind, is probably my favourite tv comedy from the last decade. Watch
it. Immediately.

Follow Sara on Twitter at @sarapascoe https://twitter.com/sarapascoe?lang=en and watch Out of Her Mind on iPlayer https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p08tjqzd

I also was thrilled to speak to the clinical psychologist Dr Emma Hepburn. As well as working in the NHS, Emma is the author of the best selling A
Toolkit for Modern Life: 53 Ways to Look After Your Mind and is known to millions for her doodles as ThePsychologyMum [https://twitter.com/emmaneuropsych?lang=en]
on Instagram.

Her free ebook How to stay calm in a global pandemic is here: