Texas Winter Storm, Gorilla Glue lady, When Scissors Attack

Feb 22, 2021, 12:00 PM

  • Welcome back to another episode! We’re glad you’re tuning in for the third installment of our podcast! 
  • Introducing the newest addition to our show, Megan! We host a mini-AMA sesh with Megan so you can get to know her. There are things we didn’t even know! 
    Mufasa’s death completely scarred her! Get it, SCARRED? SCAR? Anyone? Lol, nope guess not.
  • Texas was hit with it’s harshest winter weather in nearly 32 years! Texans were not only caught off guard with the sub-zero cold temperatures and snow, but grocery stores ran out of gas, roads were closed, nearly all gas stations were out of fuel, and the electric grid came under tremendous strain. Providers had to institute rolling blackouts -- causing people to not have heat to bear the storm!
  • 65% of fossil fuel plants failed to winterize which led to widespread failure! Oh yeah, many people also did not have water! Who is to blame? What systemic changes are necessary to move forward and ensure this does not happen again?
  • Man with “Not drunk, avoiding potholes” bumper sticker arrested for -- yep you guessed it -- drunk driving (among other things). Was this a stroke of genius or stupid move? 
  • Woman makes headlines by using Gorilla Glue adhesive as hairspray -- and goes viral on Instagram and Tik Tok. How did something like this happen? Was there a disclaimer on the bottle and if not, what will a future disclaimer look like?
  • Still can’t get over that headline… how does someone think this is a good idea?!
    The ultimate playa steals rings from one girlfriend to propose to another… and NEITHER of the women knew his real name! Ok so there’s all kinds of things screwed up with this story, but also the man is STILL at large! LMAO! We’ll fill ya in on the details.
  • Barber impales himself with shears in a freak accident. Poor dude, had to have open heart surgery and everything! Scissors are SHARP!!!! 
  • In the spotlight this week discusses solitude and how it can be so addicting. What are our experiences with solitude and do have anything positive/negative to say? Scientifically speaking everyone needs solitude every now and then to mentally recharge. Times for being alone vary person to person. How does this affect our personal energy and how we project that energy?
  • Those Were The Days COVID edition: Where do we miss eating at the most? The types of food we are craving are all over the spectrum. From Breakfast with Disney Characters to Giordano's Pizza to Rockfish in Los Angeles. Great, now I’m hungry after typing that out. *sips water*
  • Terrance makes the mistake of looking up hashtags of food he is craving on Instagram. Don’t look up #Tacos if you’re hungry. Aaaand this is where the discussion went off the rails. Megan and Bailey thought it was NSFW at first! Wow, we were way off the page! 
  • Recommendations:
    • Terrance: WandaVision on Disney+
    • Bailey: The Flight Attendant on HBO Max
    • Megan: Super Mario World 3D for Nintendo DS
  • This week’s motivational story is all about being kind to others, even if it isn’t in your best interest.
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