The Roadmap of a Venture Funded Startup

Feb 24, 11:00 PM
 For first-time founders, in particular, raising capital can be a daunting task. Just learning the what, when, and hows of venture funding is a challenge. Then, factor in the mindset piece. Taking other people’s money to fuel your vision can feel weighty or as Chris Peacock, Founder and CEO of Aquaoso say in this episode, “terrifying.” So, how do founders overcome their fears, create a plan, find investors, and negotiate terms all while building a company? Join me for this insightful discussion with two local CEOs, Chris Peacock of Aquaoso who just completed a $2M seed round, and Trifecta’s Greg Connolly who is in the process of raising a Series B, to learn how they have thought through and executed on their funding road-map. 

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