The Day Clea Hall Vanished | USA

Feb 28, 08:30 PM

Clea Hall never came home after working a shift at her part-time job. 26 years later, her disappearance remains a mystery.

When a young honors student disappeared two weeks before her graduation, no one knew where she could be. Clea was last seen walking into the home-office of Dr. Larry Amos, where she worked part-time. Her mom fell asleep waiting for Clea to call, so she could go and pick her up. She called Dr. Amos at 1 am, asking where her daughter was, and he said Clea signed out at 8:30 the night before. 26 years later, her disappearance remains a mystery.  
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If you have any information about Clea’s case, please call Pine Bluff Police Department at on 870-730—2086 
OR reach out to Clea’s family on the Facebook Page dedicated to finding her.
This True Crime Podcast was researched using open source or archive materials.