Georgia Salamat - Socks, Drugs & Açai Bowls

Season 4, Episode 4,  Mar 04, 2021, 12:01 AM

What a joy it is to be joined by one of the most sought after models in the UK Mme Georgia Salamat, not only is she a world famous model but also a chef, influencer and successful business owner!

We discuss;

- Archie's Dating Problems
- Georgia's first kiss at a teenage ball
- Being tempted to sell her socks to horny admirers via DM
- Weird requests she receives on socials
- Getting into shape
- Her horrific dating experiences on Raya
- Setting up a successful business in SW London
- The ultimate night out in Clapham
- Seeing someone throw poo in Infernos & The box
- Weird model parties which revolve around narcotics
- Mary Berry's sassy side and a lot more......


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