“Why Isn’t the Law of Attraction Working For Me?”

Mar 05, 07:53 PM
There’s a number of misconceptions regarding how to make the law of attraction work for you.  Many believe, for example, that if they want something all they need to do is to think about it, and it will come.  While this is one part of how attraction works, it is not, the sum total.  The life that you will experience in the future is being created by what you are imagining to see in the non-empirical world, right now.  It is from the conscious part of your being, where your demands are made, that life comes.  The personality traits that you adopt for yourself, throughout your life experiences, condition your thinking to guide you into experiences, circumstances, relationships and what we call, successes and failures.  For example, the one who habitually gripes and complains today, is attracting more of what they gripe and complain about, tomorrow.  You’re always attracting more. More of what you complain about or more of what you’re grateful for.


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