The #1 Action that Guarantees A Dream Will Come True

Episode 327,   Jan 02, 2023, 05:38 PM

Steve and Meg are thrilled to be back after a brief concert tour.  Steve shares how the abundant life naturally enfolds to anyone that’s willing, “The practice of being present within the masterpiece that is you, is both meditation in motion —  and stillness…but stillness in an excited gratitude.  Look - practicing gratitude isn’t as simple as saying, “I’m grateful, I’m grateful.”  It’s thinking and saying aloud, before you have it, “I’m so freaking excited that I have the new job, I’m so excited, nobody else can possibly understand, and they don’t need to, but I love what I get to do, it’s a privilege to have….” Whatever it is that you’re meditating to observe to experience.        
This is you… living a life led by your positive beliefs, and while you act — you just know in your actions that because you’re putting your hands to something — your positive energy —your highest expectations - are steadfastly attracting that which has to be good.  Look - a creative life is never finished, it’s only abandoned.  it’s left undone by disinterest.  A creative life is abandoned by the excuses for failure.  The creative, abundant life is abandoned by succumbing to the lower self.  But the power of kinetic belief working positively in human consciousness, a mindset that’s stirred up with the expectations of abundance, of joy, of happiness, of excitement for new experiences…for new observations — a daily intentional kinetic belief attracts days of opportunities to explore…for the abundance of increase, for an abundance of experiences that overwhlem mediocrity. This is how the abundant life enfolds.  It’s through the practice of bringing mindfulness into the activities of everyday life.  If I’m watching a sunset - I’m not thinking about what’s for dinner.  I’m watching and enjoying the hues that change, as the earth rotates away from the sun. Most people try to navigate their lives away from the moment. So they go round and round the safest place they can find, while playing blackjack or candy candy on their phones.  They immerse themselves into a style of life that has no hills to climb, no weight to lift , and nothing new to learn about. The problems on the earth are the holdings of treasure troves.  And they’re considered problematic only because they represent uncharted territory.  And it’s the uncharted territory that contains chests of treasure.”

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