Fundraising: The Importance of Investor Communication

Mar 10, 10:30 PM
 According to AngelSpan (, 83% of investors agree that founders who communicate perform better. Why is this and when and how should startup founder approach investor communications? In this episode Julie Arsenault, Founder of Panty Drop and Che Voight, CEO of Altwork, talk with Mark about the value of investor communications. They talk about how it's helped them to lead their companies and they share key tips and best practices for how to build effective investor communications into regular workflow. Both Panty Drop and Altwork are a part of Mark’s Angel portfolio. Julie and Che have stood out as consistent and effective communicators so we are excited to have them share their wisdom with you! 
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Mark Haney is a serial entrepreneur that has experience growing companies worth hundreds of millions of dollars. He is currently the CDO and founder of HaneyBiz 


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