Episode 10,  Mar 15, 2021, 05:00 AM

What does faith and spirituality mean to teens living in the increasingly secular West, where we tend to worship Apple and celebrities more readily than we worship religious icons? Surprisingly – a lot! In an uncertain and anxious age where there are few answers and little comfort, young people are embracing everything spiritual and religious with gusto, with some turning to more traditional religion and others seeking solace in the more esoteric. Don’t believe us? Check out the more spiritual side of TikTok, where millions of teens showcase their belief systems in all kinds of ways.

In this episode, we witness teenagers undergoing this year’s TikTok sensation, Brian Weiss’ past-life regression and we heat from a teenage boy who got addicted to a spiritual advisor after the death of him mother. We hear from a whole host of teenagers about what faith, religion and spirituality means to them, and what its role is, in a modern techy world. We also chat to Reverend Mary Hawes, the Youth Advisor for the Church of England about why she think religion can play an important role in teenagers’ lives. This episode is worth it alone to hear Chloe discussing anal sex with a priest! Thought-provoking, moving and surprising – this is the episode of the series that might surprise you!

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