04 | Activation of our three intuitive centres

Mar 14, 08:17 AM
Become a powerful intuitive by activating your three intuitive centres.

In this episode, you will learn about our three intuitive centres, or our three minds, and receive an activation to increase your intuition!

Many blessings beautiful soul,


Extra resources & links:

I could talk for hours about intuition, this is why I created my amazing online course the Galactic Intuitive! It is a deep spiritual journey focusing not only on expanding our intuition but also on finding our soul mission. 
The best part is that this course is filled with powerful activations from the Arcturians! 

Visit the Heart Math Institute, they have amazing resources on all things relating to our powerful heart! https://www.heartmath.org/

My free masterclass & activation to activate your intuition: Pineal Gland Recoding https://cendrines.kartra.com/page/replaypinealglandrecoding

I am your host Cendrine, ascension and mission mentor and trance channel to the 9D Arcturian Council of Light.  
Together we will learn about the infinite quantum and galactic realms so we can embody more of our multidimensionality and accelerate our ascension.
Let’s reclaim our freedom and recode our reality!

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