Investing in the Circular Economy - World Economic Forum

Apr 22, 2021, 07:00 AM

Investing in the Circular Economy

This episode of Circularity Capital's Insights podcast will explore why the circular economy is increasingly being seen as a powerful framework for regenerative economic growth and how investors are developing specialist strategies to drive value in this space.

In this first of our five-part series Jamie Butterworth speaks with Antonia Gawel from the World Economic Forum PACE Initiative to understand what is driving governments and corporations and how investors look towards the circular economy as a framework for future growth.


  • "huge economic opportunity to be had"

  • “enabling technologies are much more available"

  • The circular economy becomes a means to an end to manage resources

  • The financial sector needs to treat risk and its perceptions differently

Time Stamp:
[1.15]   What is driving the move towards looking at the circular economy as a framework for growth
[2.35]   Natural resources and climate change
[4.25]   Consumers catching up to climate/waste impacts and are demanding a different approach
[5.46] What is driving governments, corporations and investors to look towards the circular economy
[8.37] What is the role of finance in the transition to a more circular economy

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