Episode 11,  Mar 22, 2021, 05:00 AM

School is one of the great social levellers – every young person irrespective of who they are has to go. However, the 2020 pandemic revealed two critical things – firstly, just how unequal the schooling system has become and secondly, just how important good schooling is. In the first episode about the modern school system, we get under the skin of these issues, talking to teenagers about what it’s really like to attend a failing school and the impact this has had on their future.

We also examine what role school has in the lives of teenagers, and one of the most devastating teenage paradoxes of all – the fact you rarely see just how valuable school is until you leave the safety and structure of the four walls of school! We also talk to beloved and eminent headteacher of Passmores Academy, Vic Goddard, who is best known for his brilliant leadership but also from the hit TV show, Educating Essex. He chats to us about inequality, poverty, the challenges of modern teaching and schools, and why he is ultimately very hopeful about modern teenagers!

If you are affected by any of the issues in this episode you can find information and support on our website

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