Why Banks in India Need Neobanks with Suman Gandham of Finin.

Season 5, Episode 100,   Mar 22, 2021, 12:00 AM

In this episode of LongShorts, we explore the nature of emergent entities which are characterising themselves under the umbrella of neobanking systems.

In sight of the neobanking explosion (of sorts) to have taken place post-COVID, it becomes important to differentiate between the many emergent models under the “neobanks list.

Suman Gandham, as the founder and CEO of Finin - a new and upcoming neobanking platform, interestingly characterises Neobanks as Fitbits of Finance. Though one may remember him from his interview on Transfin. last year. This time Mr. Gandham pours into the structural nuances of various neobank models, illustrates how being consumer first can be a differentiator, and his take on RBI's directional thinking in terms of regulating this space.