Episode 114 - Learn How to Increase Sales in Just 10-Minutes a Day

Sep 01, 07:45 PM

In this episode of The We Are Women Podcast, retail coach, Adrienne explains how to use Facebook posts to grow your business in 10-minutes a day.

Adrianne Francis
Owner of Vitamin Bead; a retail outlet in Tea Gardens, NSW; and retail coach, Adrienne Frances has seen many changes to business in her 26 years.
Having faced $25 days when all her customers were flocking to a new competitor across the road, Adrienne knew she had to something different for her business to survive.
And that something for Adrienne was Facebook Live. After she took up a five-day challenge she has not looked back since…and neither has her business.
In this episode, Adrienne shares her knowledge and expertise of how she succeeded where others have failed to create a unique boutique and wonderful in-store shopping experience.

Adrienne explains why lack of time is not a problem and in fact, shares her secret of how to generate a loyal face base doing what you do daily.
Although the fear of being judged can hold people back from opening up on social media, Adrianne is confident the results outweigh the dread.
Adrienne Francis is offering a free 30-minute discovery call to discuss your Social Media pains. She guarantees you will come away with at least one actionable task. 

Ph: 0409 985 299 
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