Alien RPG - Destroyer of Worlds - Episode 09 - "Say Your Goodbyes"

Apr 01, 12:00 PM
The brave squad of Colonial Marines just need to take the space elevator from Ft. Nebraska to the orbital station but first, they'll need to defeat the Alien Queen and her deadly minions.

This ends our test story. We think that we have come a long way since losing the entire audio for the first two episodes (that’s right, it should have been 11 total episodes).

Thanks to the cast for bringing a colorful and somewhat disturbed group of characters to life. Thanks to Nathan for being Game Mommy and for countless hours learning the ins and outs of audio/video capture and editing.

Our Game Mother for this story is Nathan

Our Cast is:
Sean as Captain Silva
Tyr as Private Hammer
Cupo as Sergeant Iona
Chris as Private Z
Matt as PFC Dante

Aliens the Destroyer of Worlds was created by Free League Publishing

The episodes were played on the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop

Music for this episode is licensed from Dark Fantasy Studio. Sound effects were licensed from AudioJungle. 

Sessions were recorded on OBS, OBS Ninja, and Audacity. Editing was done with Reaper.

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