The Disappearance of Patricia Viola (S4 E5)

Mar 31, 10:00 AM
On February 13, 2001, James Viola came home with an armful of Valentines gifts. He found the backdoor open,  and no sign of his wife, Patricia. Patricia's mother would tell authorities she'd spoken with her daughter on the phone just hours before, and everything was fine. Her family can't imagine that she would have just taken off, but there's no sign of foul play. So what happened? Where. The Hell. Is Patricia?

"Strange And Unexplained With Daisy Eagan"
Do you believe in ghosts? How about bigfoot? Do you think it’s strange and fascinating that a 4 year old in Oklahoma could look at a black and white picture of a man from the 1930s and say ‘that was me. Before.” And then provide actual, verifiable details of the man’s life? If so, “Strange and Unexplained With Daisy Eagan” is about to be your new Favorite podcast.
Daisy is a Tony Award winning actor, writer, and true crime fanatic. But she’s also a skeptic. Each week She looks at real stories of hauntings, disappearances, UFO encounters, the Bermuda Triangle, near death experiences, and anything else that feels just beyond what we can easily make sense of. She is your guide into the inexplicable details of these stories. But she’s also like, “show me the receipts.” Listen to the trailer and subscribe HERE!

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