Cum, Cryogenics, & Couples Therapy

Apr 07, 09:00 AM
On this episode --  background checks for Tinder dates,  couples therapy, who pays for the 3rd wheels meal, s*men on the moon, sensual fantasies, the end of the world, post pandemic polyamory & much more. 

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Fuck is this?! (Pop culture ridiculousness): We answer the question “who pays for your 3rd wheels meal” and chant down Twitter gender wars. 

Fuck That (Currents Events):
Tinder is partnering to bring background checks to the app: We talk about dating app safety, tinder background checks, what does privacy look like in online dating.

Plus, some scientists hope to send sperm and ova to the moon. We talk about Noah’s  ark, sperm bank on the moon, reproductive bank on the moon, human seed vault, cryogenics, the end of the world, climate change, habitable planets & more

Fuck Me (Our Lives): Rob reflects on dating as a first responder during a pandemic, navigating social media with coworkers, and a steamy piece they wrote for Patron eyes only 

Rebecca talks about couples therapy, polyamory struggles, therapy misconceptions, polyam affirming therapists, cohabitating  and more

Fuck You (Your Lives): 
Disclaimer: the advice given in this segment is general advice and is in no way meant to replace or serve as the advice of a medical or mental health professional. 

Love & Light to our Hoes of the Week!
Hoe(s) of the Week: Emily L ( Big Blue), 
Susanna M (Montgomery), Don H ( Shipka), Iris V (Rainbow) 

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Online dating safety from RAINN: RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) is the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization in the US.

What the Heck is NRE (IHU on New Relationship Energy):

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