Talking Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital with Moneta Venture’s Sabya Das

Apr 07, 10:00 PM
 From the romanticized college drop-out to the mid-life corporate exec who makes the leap, startup founders come from a wide range of backgrounds. Is there an ideal path to becoming a successful entrepreneur? In the episode, I talk with Sabya Das, a partner at Moneta Ventures, who shares his journey from pre-med student at Berkeley to interning at tech startups, and then becoming a partner at a Sacramento-based Venture Capital firm. Sabya offers his perspective on the importance of mentors and networking when exploring any career path and the value of working in a company before starting your own. He also talks about how a founder’s journey may come into play as investors evaluate the team’s experience in both business and the industry they are addressing. Finally, we touch on what it is like to become a founder in Sacramento – including what resources, support, and opportunities can be found here. Join us! 
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