Simon Zebo - Beef With John Schmidt, Cutting Loose With Dan Carter & Munster's 12 Pubs of Xmas

Season 4, Episode 10,  Apr 07, 2021, 11:00 PM

Today we're joined by an absolute rugby legend in Ireland international and British & Irish Lion - Mr Simon Zebo aka The Shamrock Express. 

- We hear about his 'possible' return back to Munster in the coming weeks. 
- Partying with the real magician Finn Russell in Paris. 
- Passing out at Munster's '12 Pubs Of Christmas' 
- His beef with ex Ireland head coach John Schmidt 
- Clubbing all night long with Dan Carter in Ireland
- That incredible Ireland victory vs NZ in Chicago and most importantly the night out afterwards!
- His love for Hurling - which Archie sees as 'Irish Hockey'. 
- How loose Johnny Sexton is on a night out and much much more...

On this jam packed podcast we also get Archie to play the famous Lions Dice forefit game which leads to an uncomfortable phone call, listen to his latest diary entry, analyse another Club House Story and hear about Archie's week gone by. 
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