Sony Schrier Article + Paradise Lost Review - Impossible Mission 75

Apr 13, 10:55 AM
This time on the Omni-feed, we collect April Games Marmalade and the latest News Trash.

In Marmalade we look at Paradise Lost as well as some older titles and oddities. Part of which includes Rob just wrecking Donut County for Prob. Something which I make absolutely no apologies about - if someone presents an open goal like that. It's just wasteful to not make some jokes at its expense. 

Then in the back half, we talk about Loot Boxes, Six Days to Fallujah, E3, Jason Schrier powering himself with the tears of Playstation fanboys, CSGO in trouble with the filth, Twitch records and a nice little chat about the gorgeous indie title, Harold Halibut, to round out a pretty negative video games week.