Season 3, Episode 30,   Jul 07, 2021, 09:23 AM

No, we don't talk like that in the episode. Yes, we have fully embraced the dark side... of clickbait. Then again this is simultaneously episode 100 and 83, so all the rules are off the table. I'll stop bringing that up after this episode, promise.

In the first half of the show we talk about news. Specifically that clickbait title, Hideo Kojima, Dead Space, Silent Hill and loads more. My favourite part is when I call of Todd Howard out for his d*ck move of publishing an announcement trailer for Elder Scrolls 6 (VI), 3 years before bothering to start to make the game. Classy of me, that, I thought. Then in the back half it's the latest edition of the titular podcast itself. On which, we look at the recent revelation that PlayStation doesn't really do all that well by indie game developers. However, unlike other facets on the online content world - we look at it with this mysterious force called... balance. Perish the thought internet. Sarcasm aside, it is a good episode that looks at the bigger picture for indie games and their place on console store fronts.

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