47 - Season 4 - When Becoming Bilingual Becomes Irresistible

Apr 14, 11:00 AM
In Episode 47, Steve shares why he decided in midlife to leave behind a comfortable career as CEO of his own company and light out for the long road to bilingualism.
Enjoy this first free audiobook chapter of America’s Bilingual Century, the new book by Steve Leveen. You’re listening to the preface of the book, narrated by Sean Pratt.
Then check out the story on Sean, and why this award-winning audiobook narrator was so taken with Steve’s book. He’ll also show you how he marked up the text of the preface, to turn the written words into spoken words. You'll find it on the Articles page of America the Bilingual.
The music you’ll hear is “Quasi Motion” by Kevin Macleod at the start of the episode and then “West in Africa” by John Bartmann.