The Pandemic's Impact on the Real Estate Sector in India with Saurabh Runwal of Runwal Group

Season 5, Episode 101,  Apr 15, 2021, 12:00 AM

Second Wave or not, LongShorts must go on! This week, we talk about the real estate sector.

In our first episode in three weeks - and in the middle of the Second Wave! - we delve into how the real estate sector in India is doing.

Our guest is Saurabh Runwal, Associate Director at the Runwal Group, one of Mumbai’s premier real estate developers. He explains how the pandemic impacted the sector in a unique manner and why demand for residential properties in a society like India may never really die down. Saurabh also extends this argument to opine why he is bullish about commercial spaces even though it may seem as if the era of social distancing may never end.

We also discuss the behavioural considerations that go into buying real estate in India, supply pressures on property prices, impact of work-from-home (and whether it can be a long-term model), and how the Second Wave (and the restrictions that are coming with it) might affect Indian real estate and the economy as a whole.

Listen in for an insightful discussion!