Episode 189 - Otto Sanchez and Matthieu Cabon of Magnol French Baking

Apr 15, 11:00 AM

Today on the podcast Eric is joined by Felice Sloan to discuss the latest happenings in the Houston bar and restaurant scene including Blood Bros. BBQ operators Quy Hoang, Robin and Terry Wong teaming up with pastry chef Alyssa Dole to launch Luloo's Pantry, Brandi Key joining Five 12 Restaurant Concepts, and Acme Oyster Co. opening in Houston. In the Restaurants of the Week portion Thirteen by James Harden and Littlefoot are featured. In the Guest of the Week section Eric is joined by Otto Sanchez and Matthieu Cabon of Magnol French Baking. Eric speaks with Otto and Matthieu about how the two of them met and came together on this project, how their initial wholesale plan quickly changed, what they're doing differently from other bakeries, the customer response so far, why Matthieu decided to leave France for America, what they make by hand, why organic bread is better, the challenges of baking while dealing with Houston's humidity, what their future plans are, and more!

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