The ubiquitous Aum and Gayatri Mantra

Episode 1,   Apr 16, 2021, 02:44 PM

This well-known Hindu chant, the signature tune for this iSpirituality Show segment, is based on a deep understanding of the human mind and psychology, Prof. Prinja explains.

Professor Nawal K. Prinja is a world-renowned UK-based scientist who specialises in areas such as artificial intelligence and machine learning applications in engineering and mechanical and civil design codes and standards used in the nuclear industry worldwide. He is also the author of definitive books such as 'Explaining Hindu Dharma: A Guide for Teachers'.

Dr Gaurav Prinja specialises in the field of streamlining and automation and is the author of 'To Ve or Not to Ve', a critique of veganism.

In this Science & Spirituality podcast series, the father-son duo will go head to head on some of the most common, and at times not so common, aspects of our spiritual life that have their roots in scientific theory.