Strange New Worlds - Part 39 - Turrets Syndrome

Season 2, Episode 40,  Apr 23, 2021, 04:26 PM

The jig is up as Dora finds herself on the receiving end of a rather unforgiving security system.

Dumas gets salty as Hudd breaks the sacred agreement of the turn order, Dora makes a brain smoothie in an attempt to deliver non-lethal damage, and Rebook struggles with the moral dilemma (and potential mess) involved in killing a man with “discharge bullets”.

Come along for the ride as we discuss the most diplomatic form of violence, and get sidetracked by such accessible topics as taking crack in Zurich, European Capitals of Culture, and Britpop, in our next trip down the lanes of Espersito!

Welcome to our Esper Genesis podcast, telling the brand spanking new story of an unlikely group of galactic nobodies caught up in something far bigger than they expected. Listen as their tale unfolds and they find new and exciting ways of making the games master despair. This truly is D&D in spaaaaaaaaaaace.
Think science fiction. Expect to find; Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, Battlestar Galactica, Farscape, Firefly, Rick and Morty and Red Dwarf. Esper Genesis is a science fiction TTRPG compatible with Dungeons and Dragons 5e.
Credits: Jon Coleman (GM), Aaron Madray (Colm ‘Hudd’ Hudnarajan), Mike Cole (Aldora the Explorer), Tom Owen (Rebook Ungart), Tom Kirk (Dumas Corriban)