New Zealand says, 'Good morning, world'

Episode 1,  Apr 28, 2021, 07:24 AM

Producing a new film every day for an entire year sounds like madness. But Tourism New Zealand, along with its agency partner, Special Group New Zealand, pulled it off—and no one lost their mind. In this premiere episode of Campaign Asia-Pacific's Creation Stories, Richard Bleasdale talks with Jill Chestnut of Tourism New Zealand and Tony Bradbourne of Special Group New Zealand about the 'Good morning, world' campaign, in which Kiwis greeted the rest of world from a picturesque location for 366 straight days (because 2020 had a leap day). You'll hear insights into how you can find your way to a strategic brand platform, how an experiential approach to briefing can help, how to guard against alterations that can break an idea, and how a client and agency have to pull together as partners to get something great out into the world.

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