Relationship-Building as Cultural Transformation: Angela Pape in Conversation

Apr 29, 08:34 AM
Relationships as the fundamental building block of our common life: why the community organizing model is crucial for our time. Community organizer Angela Pape joins Shayna and Chris in conversation. 

Our show pushes back against the unexamined, often unconscious ways that we frame public questions using political or economic modes of thinking. We aim to be part of a growing movement of people who are critical of the narrowness of political and economic categories, and who want to revive a vision of human flourishing that is grounded in the wisdoms of theological and moral philosophical tradition. We see these habits and ways of thinking as being pre-political, and foundational to a healthy and civil shared life in families, communities, economies, and polities.

In short, we want to foster conversations, develop habits, and create communities that are grounded in curiosity, going deep, and shining light.

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