How to Gain Clarity of Purpose & Let Go of Fears Holding You Back

Episode 4,  Apr 29, 2021, 07:48 AM

Do you ever feel like you don’t know what to do next??

Do you ever feel that crushing lack of clarity and self doubt, between you and your dreams, like an impenetrable wall??

Do you feel lonely and frustrated with yourself, like screaming for someone to be there and tell you what to do??

I sooo understand you in this! 

To achieve your dreams it is important to gain clarity of purpose, to then have clarity in your thoughts and actions, and we all know that, but how??

Sometimes the sense of uncertainty can be so strong that it feeds a deeper layer, which is inadequacy, fear of not being good enough…

Protecting ourselves from fear of rejection creates a road block, leading to non action and deep regrets.

In this episode I share with you how to move past fears and unlock the Creatress within you! 

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