Bushwick Bigot Destroyer: Episode 32 (Samuel Upham's Counterfeit Confederate Cash & The Lavender Scare)

May 03, 10:00 AM
In this episode we imbibe a delicious but obscure Civil War punch called General Burnside’s Favorite. We learn about the odd man with infamous facial hair who created this hot brandy-based concoction and how it links to the era of Stephanie’s scandal. 

ALSO DISCUSSED: Whiskey rations, sideburns, HBO’s True Detective, buying your own stimmy, Well That’s Interesting podcast, hair beads, Big Gay, from riots to pjs, true crime, Turd Cruz, male peacocks, straight men smelling like farts, graph paper, gaydar, xeroxing one’s buttcheeks, the Bushwick Bigot Destroyer, and the legacy of Dr. Frank Kameny.

STEPHANIE tells the story of Samuel Upham, the man who dunked on the Confederacy all the way from the safety of his shop in downtown Philly. We raise our glasses to a successful war profiteer we all can get down with because sometimes you gotta print money to make money!

TUX revisits McCarthyism to shine a light on the Lavender Scare, one of the most successful witch hunts swept under the rug of American history. We toast to living out loud and proud and learning that there is more to gay pride than rainbow pijamas.

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