How to Flow With Your Feelings and Still Get Stuff Done

Episode 5,  May 07, 2021, 06:52 AM

Are you finding it challenging to find the balance between feeling into your emotions and taking action?

Are very intense emotions showing up for you? And because you have learnt to feel them rather than suppress them, now they seem to get in the way of you getting through the things that you truly want to do …?

I truly want to celebrate you for feeling into your emotions!! 
Awareness is key, as suppressed emotions create destructive unconscious patterns that block your creative flow. 

Feeling is a wonderful way to unlock creative flow and inspired action, yet it can become challenging to get anything done when you don't have the tools. 

In this episode I share how to navigate intense emotions as they show up and still being grounded in your practical reality, while honouring how you feel.

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With Love🧡