Sacred Sand Art Not Long for this World, Part 2

May 07, 06:14 PM

The mystery of the Kalachakra Mandala.

Today we’re continuing our two part journey into sand paintings not long for this world. This time we’re heading into the world of sacred sand paintings at what’s known as the roof of the world, Tibet, an autonomous zone in China which is just north of the Himalayan mountains. 

Let’s go beyond the spinning Tibetan prayer wheels, the luminous glow of multitudes of flickering butter candles, and into the mystery of the sand painting called the Kalachakra Mandala. If you haven’t seen it please visit us on Instagram @Whisperinggallerypodcast. 

There are hundreds of deities concealed within the mysterious, and flat, 2D sand painting. I’m not sure if this is just representative? Given logic, spatial limitations ie the missing full size mansion with rooms and different floors with room for the deities  there’s no clear explanation how they pull this off—If we go all sci-fi or mystical maybe they’re in there somehow, just around the corner so to speak. Dimensions, wormholes or string theory - who knows?

So Sand painting versus 3D model of the five floor mansion rendered in Maya that we can explore… not today my friends, not today. 

Instead, Hold on to your hat! Because what you’re actually looking at-is- the 3D Kalachakra Mandala, from above. Drone view of a five-story mansion holding 722 deities — and this  is where the Kalachakra deity manifests the state of enlightenment.

If your head is spinning, you’re not alone. 

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