PEL Presents NEM#146: Nels Cline Writes Fusion (And Plays Guitar for Wilco)

May 01, 05:00 PM

Though best known as lead guitarist for Wilco since 2004, Nels has recorded 30+ instrumental albums, often as band leader. We discuss "Headdress" by The Nels Cline Singers from Share the Wealth (2020), "The Nomad’s Home" from Coward (2009), and "Fives & Sixes" from his first solo release, Angelica (1987). We conclude by listening to "Imperfect Ten" by The Nels Cline 4 from From Currents, Constellations (2018). Intro: "You Are My Face" by Wilco from Sky Blue Sky (2007), co-written with Jeff Tweedy. More at

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