Motherly Advice About Toxic Moms

Season 2, Episode 19,   May 09, 2021, 06:21 PM

Some advice about letting go of that relationship with your toxic mom's and help you to stop avoid guilt trips down memory lane.

There are many loving, supportive and wonderful mothers out there and I'm trying my hardest to be one. Unfortunately, some of us weren't lucky enough to get that kind of mom. If your relationship with your own mother is complicated or non-existent, you are not alone. Mother's Day reminds some of us of unfulfilled childhood needs, perceived inadequacy and societal pressure to celebrate a woman who failed to celebrate us. Maybe you get along great with your mom and find it difficult to understand how your friend would dread visiting theirs. In this episode I share the realization that helped me view the impossible relationship with my own mother with fresh perspective. If you have a difficult relationship with your mom, hopefully you can find peace in this knowledge as well. It's time to stop taking guilt trips down memory lane.