Having an unusual and traumatic childhood could drive anyone insane. In this podcast we unpack a lifetime of weird situations, unfortunate events, mental illnesses, fibromyalgia and how some of us use humor and self reflection to survive life's challenges. From straight up funny personal stories, original children's stories, dark confessions and empathetic interviews with her weird and wonderful tribe of friends, artist and performer Esperanza Phoenix shares the experiences that shape who we become. Humans have the amazing ability to develop new perspective or better coping mechanisms through listening to story, without actually having to endure emotionally trying experiences themselves. We are not alone on this roller coaster of life. This Podcast is eclectic. In this podcast we will discuss adult topics which may be considered controversial, including sex and sexuality, LGBTQ issues, child abuse and trauma, the #MeToo movement, systemic racism, religion and other sensitive subjects that may be triggering to some listeners. We are all grownups here, unless a specific podcast has been announced as kid friendly, expect there to be swearing.