7 Hotel Commercial Mistakes and What To Do About Them

May 13, 2021, 02:35 PM

Welcome to another Expert Insights discussion.

Today we are joined by 2 Guests:

🔹 Stephanie Smith
Founder & Digital Matriarch at Cogwheel Marketing, one of our Expert Partners

🔹 Jack Lindemuth
Founder at JLL Commercial Strategy Consulting and Partner at Strategic Solution Partners

In this discussion we pick up on a recent case study Jack wrote following a consultancy project with an independent 4-star boutique hotel.

Jack was brought in to figure out why the property’s revenue struggled to improve despite investment from the owners. Through this project Jack identitfied 7 key findings, let us call them ‘Commercial Mistakes’ the property was making, and these 7 points form the basis of this discussion.

Stephanie joins us to bring her perspective working with branded chain hotels to illustrate how these mistakes can still be made within this property type.

🔹 Mistake 1: Untapped revenue generating partnerships and distribution (04:54)
🔹 Mistake 2:  Overlooked mapping and connectivity throughout distribution ecosystem (12:17)
🔹 Mistake 3:  Poor and inconsistent content throughout the online storefront (21:12)
🔹 Mistake 4:  Lacking key benchmarks and KPIs within Marketing and Revenue (27:44)
🔹 Mistake 5:  Hesitation to fully embrace dynamic pricing (36:42)
🔹 Mistake 6:  Rigid hotel policies (42:54)
🔹 Mistake 7:  Outdated website and booking engine (46:59)

Hope you enjoy it 🤞👍

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Here is the YouTube link:  https://youtu.be/5QOwLBUJoq4

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