Connecticut Today with Paul Pacelli: Menthol To This Madness

May 13, 10:15 PM
On the eve of the weekend, "Connecticut Today" with Paul Pacelli spoke to Dr. Sheila Molony, professor of nursing at Quinnipiac University and a fellow of the Gerontological Society of America, about a possible strike by workers at nursing homes in Connecticut (0:52). However, news would break later on regarding a basic agreement reached to avoid the strike - as announced in Governor Ned Lamont’s meeting with the press - during which he also discussed the CDC's latest guidance saying that Covid-19 mask restrictions were being eased further (10:53). Finally, Paul had a conversation with Center for Black Health and Equity Executive Director Delmonte Jefferson about marketing menthol cigarettes to African American smokers (31:02). 

Image Credit: Getty Images