Caroline Jones on knickers, going viral and why you have to give your followers more - if you want to get something back.

May 17, 12:00 PM
Caroline Jones, aka @knickersmodelsown is a stylist, slow fashion enthusiast and author of the book Knickers Models Own: A Year of Frugal Fashion.

On the 1st January 2015, not long after she’d lost her lovely mum, Caroline set out to raise a modest £100 for charity. She challenged herself to post a picture of herself in a second hand outfit to her Facebook account, every day for a year. 

Within a week the project had gone viral and her page had attracted 97 thousand visitors.

She went on to raise more than £75 thousand, win an award from the Prime Minister for her fundraising and appear in The Guardian, on BBC news, The One Show and Loose Women.

In our conversation, I ask her what it’s like to go viral online. We chat about ideas, daily posting habits, and why you always have to give more to your audience or followers - if you want to get something back.