The subtle art of being yourself with contemporary painter Alice Sheridan

Season 2, Episode 16,   Sep 21, 2021, 06:00 AM

"Part of being an artist is recognising that not everything you make is going to be great. There was a moment when it clicked that I can only do this if I can totally show up as the genuine version of me, and not put on a front anymore." Alice Sheridan
Artist and creators (like so many people) can find it particularly painful to show up, as themselves, best-face-forward on social media.

Contemporary British painter Alice Sheridan has found her comfort zone with it, and successfully promotes her work to almost 40 thousand Instagram followers at @alicesheridanstudio.

She runs a membership for artists who want to get more business-like and co-hosts a weekly podcast, Art Juice

We talk about,
  • dropping the ball
  • finding our own voice on the internet
  • and not being a slave to engagement and popularity metrics on Instagram
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