The Sehdev Sisters: Following your passion whilst positively impacting society

Season 2, Episode 1,  May 21, 2021, 05:00 AM

In this episode of Ed Talks, Old Edwardian Ben Anderson (2006) talks to four sisters who all went to KEHS - Gayatri Sehdev (2001), Sara Sehdev (2005), Jyoti Sehdev (2011) and Aarti Sehdev (2011).

Gayatri has an endless joy for learning and a desire to improve herself and the world around her. After studying Law at Cambridge, she went on to live in London, Hong Kong, Paris, Los Angeles and Philadelphia, and in the latter which she completed her MBA at Wharton, where she graduated as a Palmer Scholar. Having returned to London, Gayatri is now fulfilling her ambitions of building a bridge between the fields of business and law within the legal team at London Stock Exchange Group.

Sara runs her own talent agency, Core MGMT, where she has Colin Firth on speed dial and spends her time on the red carpet. She has recently been accepted as a member of BAFTA, and has just produced her first feature film, Villain, which will be released later this year, alongside an 18-minute single-take short starring Stephen Graham, Boiling Point. 

Jyoti studied at UCL and has quickly risen through the ranks of a male dominated industry. She is constantly being selected to inspire women to become engineers, to advise on how to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, and (following her particular passion of bio-mimicry) to think about where we can be inspired by nature in our structures and how we build them. Jyoti is also a vocal and brilliant advocate for LGBT+ & Allies, and also speaks openly to the mostly-male workforce about mental health issues within the industry.

Aarti has a doctorate in insect olfaction, having completed a Masters in Biological Sciences at UCL and her PhD at the University of Konstanz in Germany. She continues her breakthrough research on insect neurobiology at Yale University, USA, where she is currently undertaking her post-doctorate. Aarti’s enjoyment of learning about life on this planet is drawn from her devotion to protecting the environment, through which she has committed to achieving a no-waste lifestyle, minimising her plastic and carbon footprint. She joins her sisters on this podcast from Connecticut, USA.

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